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ISSN 2220-9425                                                    Volume 17                     Number 1                      2012                                

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Determinants of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) Performance and Poverty Alleviation in Developing Countries: Evidence from South-West Nigeria

BOWALE, Kayode and AKINLO, Anthony


This study examined the socio-economic factors influencing the capacity of SMEs to alleviate poverty in the south-western part of Nigeria. Primary data were used for this study. The target population was all small and medium scale enterprises in three states (Lagos, Ogun and Oyo) in the south-western region of  Nigeria. The choice of these three states was based on size and concentration of SMEs. Data were collected using questionnaire from a sample of 700 SMEs using systematic random sampling procedure. The data collected were analysed using appropriate descriptive statistics and inferential techniques. The results showed that majority (75%) of surveyed SMEs operating in the southwest were  microenterprises employing less than 10 workers while only (19%) and (6%) of the respondents engaged in small scale and medium scale enterprises, employing between 10 and 50 workers respectively. The results also showed that there was substantial increase (133%) in number of SMEs owners that have grown in terms of employment generation from microenterprises to small scale and medium firms over the span of five years. The study concluded that business registration, business size, nature of business, sources of capital were the major factors determining both income and employment generation potentials of SMEs


Date Received: Nov, 2012


Published: Dec., 2012


Page No.: 847-863


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KeywordsSmall and Medium Scale Enterprises, Poverty, Southwest-Nigeria

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